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Crush Your Next Internship!


Author: Nina Friend Source: Huffington Post

Internships can be daunting, difficult and downright scary. Whether you’re filing papers, getting coffee, or sitting in on meetings with CEOs, there are always things you wish you did better.

We asked HuffPosters to share advice they would give to their intern selves with the hope that their mistakes and wisdom will help you current and future interns make the best of, and get the most from, your own internship experiences.

Check the ego and the entitlement at the front door. Embrace the opportunities, including the menial tasks.

-Sujata Mitra, Director of Communications, News and Politics

Fake it ‘til you make it. You will make it. Jump in head first. You’re going to make mistakes no matter what, but you’ll make a lot less a lot sooner if you’re not afraid of them. Trust yourself. The validity of your gut, your opinion, your taste, and perspective is constant and permanent. Don’t apologize (too often). Stand tall. Physical posture translates to emotional confidence. Live by the mantra “can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Jessica Dickerson, Editorial Fellow Black Voices

No one at the company knows who you are, what you’ve done before or what you’re capable of — so tell them! Your boss WILL notice if you get in late for work every day.

Joe Satran, Food and Taste Staff Writer

Be careful what your ringtone is — while having this one go off in the office is mildly hilarious for everyone else, you probably won’t think so. If someone can send you this in response to your question, think again about asking it. Always do what you’re doing, no matter what it is, with an enthusiastic attitude. Youtube has a bevy of wonderful Excel and Word tutorials — use them. Take advantage of classes or trainings your new office offers — you never know when it’ll come in handy. Be proactive — come up with a project that will leave its mark on the office, even after you’re gone.

Lauren Weber, Author of The Morning Email



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