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Cover Letter Basics

Author: Jojo Varona

Resumes serve the purpose of giving employers a feel for your past experience and skills. Cover letters serve the purpose of explaining to the employer your interest in the role and why you would be a good fit. It is essentially an extended version of your resume that gets into the nitty-gritty of why your past experience and skill make you fit for the job.

Start with the basics.

Cover letters are usually comprised of five sections:

The contact information. Make sure to include your full name, address, phone number, email address and area code. If you have an email address that is not professional sounding, start one that is specifically for your job searches.

The greeting. If possible, learn the name of the hiring manager, so you can use it in your greeting. This will show that you did your research and personalized your cover letter.

The opening. Introduce yourself and your interest in working for the company and for the position which you are applying.

The body. This section should answer questions about why you’re writing, what you’re offering, and what you know about the company. You can go in detail on your qualifications and why you are suited for the role.

The closing. Thank the hiring manager for their time and direct their attention to any attachments. Be sure to attach your resume and any attachments you deem appropriate. If you have any references you can attach those as well.

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