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Clean Up Your Social Media

Author: Jojo Varona

Your resume and cover letter will get you in the door for an interview, but your social media can either seal the deal or break it. Here are ways to clean up your online presence for a job search.

Review your postings from the beginning.

Your social media will be looked over at some point in the interview process, so you want to be sure that there’s isn’t anything you have posted or commented on that could be considered offensive or paint you in a bad light. Go back through all of your posts and make sure that there’s nothing on your accounts that could harm your chances of getting a job. You want your social media to showcase who you are now, not who you used to be. Be sure that everything you have post is suitable for work. When in doubt, delete the picture or the tweet. If you don’t want to edit you posts, set your accounts to a private setting. However be aware that if all of your social accounts are private, this could be a red flag to the hiring manager.

Don’t forget the comments.

It’s not just your old posts that need to be gone through—it’s the comments too. Delete anything not suitable for work or even borderline offensive. To ensure all future comments are work-safe, let your friends know you’re in the process of job searching and that they can text you their comments instead.

Search your name online.

Type in your name on a search engine and see what come’s up. It is a great way to catch things that you might have forgotten about or not even realized that you put out there. You may have forgotten a YouTube account or an old WordPress blog that could be considered inappropriate. It’s also a fascinating way to see how you show up online.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date which includes a recent professional photo and updated job information. Your profile is an expanded version of your resume. However make sure the information on your resume matches the information on your profile, especially dates of employments and job titles. You should also be actively using LinkedIn to share content, comment on posts, and write your own articles. All of these things will look good to recruiters and hiring managers, as it shows you’re engaged in learning and you’re staying on top of current trends and news in your industry.

Your social media presence has the possibility to help or hinder your chances of getting a job. By taking the time to go through your accounts and clean things up, you’re ensuring that it will help.

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