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Changing Careers to avoid Workaholism


Do you hit the snooze button a million times every morning? Do you count down the minutes until the end of the work day? Do you ever think: “There must be a better way!”

Evans Prater feels your pain. He recently completed an internship at a successful media group, during which he ended up in the hospital with stress-related chest pain — twice.

Though he’d expected the internship to be his door to a high-paying and prestigious career, he was surprised by just how much he hated it.

“I constantly felt trapped and longed to just be outside,” Prater writes for Elite Daily. “I frequently wondered how people do this for the better part of their adult lives. I couldn’t get over how this, to me, was not living. In fact, it was the opposite of living. I felt like I was dying.”

So Prater decided to leave the busy world of corporate life, accepting a job leading wilderness trips for troubled youth. Changing careers may not lead to a bigger paycheck, but in this case, it’s a vote for sanity and work/life balance.

How he changed his career — and his lifestyle

Prater will be taking a pay cut, but he’s not exactly “going back to the bottom of the food chain,” as he says in the article — he’ll be making a difference in the lives of kids, doing the meaningful work that Millennials especially crave.

Here’s why Prater is fine with leaving the corporate world:


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