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Career Mentorship Symposium

We are very excited to participate in the upcoming “Career Mentorship Symposium” which will be held from 12pm-2pm on August 13, 2009 at Golden Gate University. Here are the topics coupled with each respective group leader that will be discussed.

  1. What are some of the most egregious resume faux paus and how can you avoid them? Sara Menke Premier Staffing

  2. Does social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter help or hinder one’s chances?

  3. How should an applicant prepare for an interview? Anitra Collins Google

  4. Where do you go to find the most reliable job postings? Joanna Samuels JOALT

  5. What impresses/annoys hiring managers? Peter Smith On Call Counsel

  6. How do you handle leading up to an (phone and otherwise) interview and what is the appropriate protocol of following up? Brenda Besdansky Speakers World

  7. What are the differences with dealing with recruiters vs. in-house hiring managers? Valarie Harrison Matrix Resources

  8. How do you adopt the attitude of providing something to the employer as opposed to the employer providing something to the applicant? Cathy Hammer 4 Views

  9. How do you dress for an interview? Liz Frome The Job Shop(Sponsor)

  10. What are some amazing characteristics/success stories of exceptional candidates? Daniel Estrada Mass Mutual(Sponsor)

Please keep in mind that the Golden Gate University would like to do this event periodically, potentially once a quarter, so you may have another opportunity to do the workshop that you feel more confident about next time.

As a reminder, here is the proposed agenda again:

  1. 15 min for everyone to get their lunch and to find a seat

  2. 10 min – Welcome, introduction of sponsors and panelists

  3. 60 min (3 x 20 min sessions) – group lead discussions on resume writing, attire, interview tips, etc.)

  4. 10 min – Closing, disbursement of resource materials/goodie bags

  5. 25 min – Mini Career Fair

For more information, call The Job Shop at 415.227.8610

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