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Building Bridges

Author: Liz Frome

Can we build a bridge together? I have hope we can!

The election is over, and it is now time for us to come together, irrespective of our differences. We need to build a bridge; it does not have to be a fancy bridge like the Golden Gate Bridge, but it needs to be a stable bridge.

Change is not easy. It can feel hopeless!

But we must move forward. We must find civility!

We must find common ground. We must find unity!

We must listen. We must respect our differences and still have a voice that does not polarize!

We must open our hearts as we can’t remain in this space as it is not healthy for our society or our democracy. We must say I care about you as much as I care about myself!

I would like to challenge everyone when they get up each morning before they get out of bed; to point the finger inward and ask yourself; “What can I do to stop the large divide?” Change must start with us and over the last several years it has been easy for all of us to point the finger outwards. When I see all the social posts against one side or the other and I ask people why they do this, the answer is well they do it! (We are better than this and please keep in mind there will always be another side that does not agree with your opinions.) “ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

My company; The Job Shop pushed for people to vote and I am so happy our country got out to vote as ALL of our opinions matter. It is a wonderful GIFT to be part of the process. It was amazing to see the people waiting in line to VOTE across the county. What would/could truly finish the bridge would be for everyone to come together and actually be able to have a calm; respectful conversation about any difference. We then can actually start to make changes. We can then actually cross the bridge together.

It is overwhelming at times to see how far the American culture has fallen – how we treat each other, how we sit behind social media and make terrible comments towards one another, how we attack each other, how we have allowed our values to deteriorate. (Most people joined social media to stay in touch with friends, with family and to post some fun photos. It seems like social media has turned into a dumpster fire. The name-calling and open insults are appalling.) What do we/you want your country to be? What do we/you stand for? How do we/you want to be remembered? The current message that is being sent is that America has burnt the bridge down.

Bishop Curry recently said; “We came on different ships, but we are all on the same boat now. You can only control yourself. What can you do each day, one thing?”

We should do better. We are resilient, we are capable of showing respect and empathy. America, moving forward we’re only as divided as we choose to be. It will not be easy to unite and heal, but that is what we must do. We do live in the UNITED States of America.

Can you rise each day and point the finger inward to truly make a change? Can you see the common good? I know I can; for my health, for my sense of decency, for my company, for all the other small companies struggling out there, for my family, for my friends, for my dogs, and for all of the people who cross my path; I know I can show compassion and will try to cross the bridge together no matter our differences.

Maybe common ground could be to tackle Covid and get America running again so we can all build and cross that stable bridge.

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