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Best Advice Dad Ever Gave


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With Father’s Day right around the corner, we can’t help but think back on all our dads have done for us over the years. Whether it was coaching little league, teaching us to drive or moving us into college, dads have been there to help us overcome many hurdles—and provide valuable lessons along the way. Chances are a lot of those lessons shaped the people we are today.

With that in mind, we posed the question on social media, “What’s the best career advice your dad has ever given you?” Here’s a roundup of answers we received:

Work hard

“It never hurts to do a little bit extra.” – Janice M. Jacobs Lynn

“Go to college and get a degree but don’t ever think a degree will guarantee success. Hard work will.” – Roberta Petty-Woods

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Tracy Anne

“Everyone has to pay their dues. No one can be the boss or the high earner right away.” – Mackenzie Kuhn Schoofs

“Always bite off more than you can chew.” – Jennifer Mann

Take chances

“As silly as it sounds, the best career advice my dad ever gave me was actually about dating. He taught me that the worst answer I could get was ‘no.’ His advice extended far beyond the dating world and truly made an impact on my career. His advice was about learning to take chances and not being afraid to put yourself out there.” – Jeff Miller

“‘Why not you?’ I always took it to mean that I could accomplish anything I sought to achieve.” – Tim Denman

“Take the job! You’ll figure out how to do it later.” – Jessica Dampa

Make time for family

“Stay connected with all your family and friends even if you are a Big Man!” – Gouranga Basu

“Never neglect your family. They help you soar.” – Richa Avasthi-Marwah

Give back

“Be active in your community. Business leaders must stay connected to the local organizations and should encourage their colleagues to get involved, as well. Local hospitals, schools and non-profits can all benefit from business leaders’ advice and support, so be generous with your time and resources.” – Paige Arnof-Fenn

“My parents always taught me, from age 5, to save a portion and donate a portion of all income, and I did, no matter what. The benefits have been amazing.” – Kathleen Koechling


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