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Be On Time!

Author: Michelle Mamerto

As our car made its way out of the driveway, I waved goodbye to my family and shook my head in annoyance. They needed to pick up one more person for their carpool to school, and they were already running late. One of my responsibilities at The Job Shop is to make sure our candidates are able to get to work and interviews on time, so it’s infuriating for me to get a call from the school telling me that my student has been tardy. Why does tardiness bother me so much? It’s because just like at the office or in a job interview, being late communicates a lack of concern and responsibility, and it’s disrespectful of everyone’s time.

When a person is punctual, it gives the impression that they care and are responsible. It lets co-workers, teachers, and clients know that their time is valuable. Being punctual puts you ahead of your schedule and in turn, prevents stress. Instead of playing “catch up” all day, you’re able to control the pace of your day.

If you are someone who is constantly pushing to get to the office or class on time, try these tips on being punctual, and see if it makes a difference:

  • Get enough sleep, and wake up when your alarm clock rings.

  • Set your alarm clock a few minutes fast.

  • Set up the night before- plan your commute, pack your lunch, pick the clothing you will wear, put your wallet, keys, work bag and coat where you can easily find them.

  • Set up your phone and computer calendar to remind you of appointments.

  • Overestimate your commute. Plan your commute, then add ten minutes to the time you think will take you to get to your destination. Accommodate for traffic, slow public transit, any kind of detours along the way, or factor in the few extra minutes it might take if the barista at the coffee shop gets your order wrong.

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