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Be Great, Right From the Start

Author: Darcy Raven

After a year of uncertainty we are almost back to normal, which means getting back to work. Open positions are rolling in, resumes are being sent out, and interviews are being held virtually and in person. It’s been a while since most of us have done an interview in person, so I wanted to go over some ways that you can make sure you are giving the best impression before, during, and after an interview.

So you have sent out your resume everywhere and, after waiting some time, you receive a call back. All that hard work finally pays off when you land an interview. It's obvious that during the interview you want to present your best self, but what a lot of people forget is that you should be presenting your best self from the moment you enter the building.

You never know who you will meet or interact with on the way to your interview, so it is key to be aware of yourself and to be presentable right from the start. Whether it’s a security guard, the front desk receptionist, or a random person in the building, you never know who will have a say in the hiring process or who may know the owner of the company. So be kind, courteous and mindful with everyone you pass, even if they seem like nobody. The last thing you need is to not be hired because you were rude to the greeter or receptionist. Being kind goes a long way in interviews and in life.

Lastly, you should always convey a positive attitude during an interview. Yes, having the skills necessary for the job is important, but a positive, can-do attitude will be what helps you stand out. Most communication isn’t accurately received through words, but rather through tone and body language. So keep your body language positive by having an enthusiastic tone and good posture, while making eye contact. Oh yes, and smiling is good too! You never want to say something bad about your previous employer or job. This takes the focus off of you and your skills. Instead, your interviewer will remember how negative you were about your past work, and they might think that you will have a negative impact on their company. So, remember to stay positive and avoid anything negative. Staying positive will attract positivity, and good things will come your way. I guarantee it!

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