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Awesome Resource: Resume Advice Collected

Writing your resume can be hard. You have to ensure you include all of your relevant accomplishments while simultaneously explaining or avoiding any problem periods. Thankfully, has a huge collection of resume writing advice, from how to effectively write a resume title, to advice on how to deal with personal information such as disclosing disabilities. In addition you’ll find tips for tailoring your resume to various individual industries, as well as advice on dealing with some of the common dilemmas resume writers run into. Check it out, you can’t afford not to!

Resume Sections

  1. How to Write an Effective Resume Title

  2. What’s Your Resume Objective?

  3. Recruiter Roundtable: Objectives on Resumes

  4. How to Write a Resume Career Summary

  5. Nine Tips to Writing a Winning Employment History

  6. Put Your Education to Work on Your Resume

  7. Showcase Marketable Skills in Your Resume Skills Section

  8. Round Out Your Resume with Additional Information

  9. Dig Deep for Resume Accomplishments

  10. Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments

  11. Keywords for Executive Resumes

Common Mistakes

  1. Avoid the Top 10 Resume Mistakes

  2. Common Resume Blunders

  3. 10 Classic Resume Bloopers

  4. 10 Words and Terms That Ruin a Resume

  5. Nine Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume

  6. The Biggest Resume Mistake You Can Make

  7. Four Things That Can Send Your Resume into the Trash

Resume Formats, Length and Presentation

  1. Breaking Tradition with a Functional Resume

  2. Should You Use a Chronological or Functional Resume?

  3. Is a Combination Resume Right for You?

  4. Choosing Your Resume Strategy: Specialist or Generalist

  5. The One-Page Resume vs. the Two-Page Resume

  6. How to Decide on Resume Length

  7. Recruiter Roundtable: Resume Length

  8. Your Resume’s Look Is as Important as Its Content

  9. Resume Presentation

  10. Customize Your Resume for Best Results

  11. The One-Size-Fits-All Resume Usually Fits Nothing

  12. More Than One Career Goal Calls for More Than One Resume

  13. Video Resumes: Let the Applicant Beware

Updating Your Resume

  1. Tips for Creating a Concise Resume

  2. Declutter Your Resume in Five Steps

  3. Refresh Your Resume

  4. Spring Cleaning for Your Resume

  5. Four Reasons to Revise Your Resume

  6. Five Steps for Updating Your Resume

  7. Refresh Your Retro Resume in Six Steps

  8. Five Ways to Rejuvenate Your Resume

  9. Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume

  10. Creative Ways to Improve Your Resume

Resume Critique

  1. Resume Critique Checklist

  2. How to Ask for a Resume Critique

  3. Put Negative Resume Feedback to Work

  4. Avoid Resume Analysis Paralysis

  5. Balance Multiple Resume Reviews

  6. Top Eight Resources for a Resume Critique

  7. Let Sample Resumes Inspire You, Not Define You

Resume Claims

  1. Lying on Your Resume: What Are the Career Consequences?

  2. The Biggest Lies Job Seekers Tell on Their Resumes

  3. Lie on Your Resume at Your Own Risk

  4. Understand Smart Resume Packaging vs. Exaggeration

  5. Resume Accomplishments You Should Omit

  6. Prove Your Resume Claims with a Career Performance Portfolio

  7. Bolster Your Resume with a Career Record

Resumes and Your Job Search

  1. Resume Help for the Unemployed

  2. Get Your Resume Ready for the Recession

  3. Show Your Experience on Your Resume the Right Way

  4. Rev Up Your Resume to Relocate

  5. Resume Tips for Job Fair Success

  6. Who’s Who: Getting Your Resume into the Right Hands

  7. Is Your Resume Working as Hard as It Should?

  8. Leverage Volunteer Work on Your Resume

  9. Explain Your Sabbatical on Your Resume

  10. Create a Salary History

Resume Dilemmas

  1. Resume Dilemma: Job Termination and Your Resume

  2. Resume Dilemma: Employment Gaps and Job-Hopping

  3. Five Resume Workarounds for a Spotty Job History

  4. Corporate Restructuring and Your Resume

  5. Resume Dilemma: No Defined Objective

  6. Resume Dilemma: Not Enough Experience

  7. Resume Dilemma: Unrelated Experience

  8. Resume Dilemma: Recent Graduate

  9. Resume Dilemma: Too Young

  10. Resume Dilemma: No Degree

  11. Resume Dilemma: Criminal Record

  12. I’m Overqualified

  13. Seven Tips to Leverage Long-Term Employment on Your Resume

  14. One Employer, Multiple Jobs

  15. Is It Smart to Dumb Down Your Resume?

Resumes for Changing Careers

  1. Resume Dilemma: Career Change

  2. When Changing Careers, Highlight Transferable Skills

  3. Audio: Tips to Fine-Tune Your Resume for a Career Change

First Resumes/Entry-Level Resumes

  1. Seven First-Time Resume Concerns

  2. Five Resume Tips for College Students

  3. Recruiter Roundtable: First Resume

Resumes Tips by Industry

  1. Admin/Support Resume Tips

  2. Resume Tips for Temps

  3. Retrofit Your Resume to Land an Administrative Job

  4. Customer Service Resume Tips

  5. Create a Winning Retail Resume

  6. Retail Resumes

  7. Sell Yourself with Sales Resume Tips

  8. Insider Tips for a Powerful Insurance Sales Resume

  9. Resume Tips for Advertising Pros

  10. Resume Tips for Creative Professionals

  11. Marketing Resume Tips

  12. Audio: Marketing Resume Career Tip

  13. Audio: Resume Marketing Keywords

  14. Public Relations Resume Tips

  15. Resume Tips for Writers

  16. Resume Tips for Finance Professionals

  17. Resume Tips for Healthcare Professionals

  18. Accessorize Your Healthcare Resume

  19. Resume Tips for Nurses

  20. Resume Tips to Help Nursing Assistants Get Noticed

  21. Three Steps to a Winning Pharmacist Resume

  22. Resume Tips for Pharmacy Technicians

  23. Resume Tips for Physical Therapy Professionals

  24. Resume Tips for Radiography Professionals

  25. Resume Tips for Hospitality Workers

  26. Resume Tips for Teachers

  27. Resume Tips for Technology Professionals

  28. Showcase ROI on Your Technology Resume

  29. Show Your Skills on Your IT Resume

  30. Resume Tips for Engineers

  31. Could a Blue-Collar Resume Get You a Better Job?

  32. Beat the Blue-Collar Resume Blues

  33. Build Your Construction Resume with Keywords

  34. Your Automotive Technician Resume

  35. Resume Tips for Truckers

  36. Nonprofit Resume Tips

  37. What Nonprofit Employers Are Looking for in Resumes Today

  38. Ten Resume Laws

  39. Resume Tips for Full-Time Parents Returning to Work

  40. Contractors: Do You Need a Resume?

  41. Get Your Military Resume in Shape for a Civilian Job Search

  42. Resume Tips for Making the Transition to Private Industry

  43. Military-to-Federal Resumes

  44. Effectively Present Your Military Skills

  45. KSAs in the Resume

Personal Information on Your Resume

  1. Race, Sex and Religion on Your Resume

  2. Getting Personal on Your Resume

  3. Should You Disclose a Disability on Your Resume?

  4. Should You Come Out on Your Resume?

Resume Security

  1. Keep Your Online Resume Secure

  2. Resume Security: Safeguard Your Contact Information

  3. Use Monsters Privacy Settings to Control Your Resume Information

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