Awesome Resource: Cover Letter Samples


Cover Letter Examples, Templates and Format

Templates you can personalize to write your own cover letters when submitting job applications.

  1. Cover Letter Examples: A – Z (listed by job)

  2. Cover Letter Format

  3. Cover Letter Layout

  4. Cover Letter Template

  5. Email Cover Letter Template

  6. Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates

Cover Letter Examples Listed by Type of Letter

Here are examples of the various types of cover letters you’ll need to use, depending on how you are applying for a job.

  1. Cover Letter Example for a Resume

  2. Sample Targeted Cover Letter for a Job

  3. Cover Letter Example Matching Qualifications to Job Requirements

  4. General Cover Letter Examples

  5. Academic Cover Letter

  6. Cold Contact Cover Letter

  7. Customized Cover Letter Example

  8. Cover Letter Applying for More Than One Job

  9. Cover Letter for a Job Promotion Example

  10. Cover Letter for a Job Promotion – Retail

  11. Cover Letter Requesting a Meeting

  12. Cover Letter With a Value Proposition

  13. Cover Letter Example for Unadvertised Openings

  14. Employee Referral Cover Letter

  15. Job Application Letter

  16. Job Promotion Cover Letter

  17. Job Promotion Cover Letter – Retail

  18. Job Transfer Request Letter

  19. Job Transfer Request Letter Example – Relocation

  20. Networking Cover Letters

  21. Sample Letter of Application

  22. Sample Referral Cover Letter

  23. Sample Cover Letter – Referred by a Contact

  24. Sample Cover Letter With Salary History

  25. Sample Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

  26. Temp to Perm Cover Letter Example

  27. Value Proposition Letter Example

  28. Value Proposition Letter Sample (Cold Call)

  29. Modified Block Format

  30. Full Block Format

Email Cover Letter Examples

  1. Email Cover Letter Sample

  2. Sample Formatted Email Cover Letter Message

  3. Email Job Application Message Example

  4. Email Cover Letter Sample With Attached Resume

  5. Email Cover Letter Sample With Resume Included

  6. Sample Email Cover Letter Inquiring About Job Openings

  7. Sample Email Cover Letter – Part-Time Job

  8. Sample Email Cover Letter – Summer Job

  9. Sample Email Message – Volunteer Position

Examples Listed by Type of Applicant

Cover letter samples listed by type of applicant for a job – students, entry level applicants, career changers, and experienced candidates.

  1. Career Change

  2. College Student

  3. College Graduate

  4. College Graduate

  5. Entry-Level

  6. General

  7. Internship

  8. Management

  9. Part-Time Job

  10. Sample Summer Job Cover Letters

  11. Transferable Skills

  12. Volunteer

Prospecting Letters, Referral Letters and Letters of Interest

  1. Sample Information Request Letter

  2. Letter Inquiring About Job Openings

  3. Letter of Interest Example

  4. Sample Letter of Interest

  5. Letter of Interest / Prospecting Letter

  6. Sample Networking Letter – Requesting a Meeting

  7. Sample Letter Asking for a Referral

  8. Sample Cover Letter – Referred by a Contact

  9. Sample Cover Letter – Referred by Someone

  10. Referral Cover Letter Example

  11. Cover Letter Sample – Referral

  12. Sample Career Office Referral Cover Letter

Cover Letters Examples Listed by Job

These are cover letter examples for specific types of jobs, career fields and industries.

A – D

  1. Academic Advisor

  2. Administration / Business / General

  3. Administrative Coordinator

  4. Admissions Counselor

  5. Assistant Professor

  6. Arts

  7. Assistant

  8. Athletic Director

  9. Biomedical Engineer

  10. Business / Technical / Referral

  11. Career Change / Writing / Marketing

  12. Communications

  13. Communications

  14. Construction Management

  15. Consultant

  16. Cook

  17. Customer Service

  18. Database Administrator

  19. Development / Museum Position

  20. Director of Operations

E – N

  1. eCommerce

  2. Editorial

  3. Education

  4. Education / Alternative Education

  5. Entry-Level Finance