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An Introvert’s Guide to Standing Out at Work

Updated: May 27, 2020

Author: Josh Fechter Source: Introvert Whisperer

Introverts may initially be seen as shy individuals who are intimidated by those around them, but this is far from the truth. These individuals typically have amazing strengths that can help them become invaluable members of any work team.

For example, they are usually independent, detail-oriented workers who are amazing listeners. They are also hard and trustworthy employees. However, to shine at work, you must take wise steps that play to your strengths.

Use Downtime to Your Advantage

Introverts tend to thrive in quieter situations rather than in fast-paced or noisy environments. While you cannot always control your work environment, you can find smart ways to take advantage of quieter times at your office to improve your focus throughout the day.

Consider coming in early to start before your coworkers arrive or staying late occasionally. You could also take your lunch break at a different time from your coworkers.

Even when your environment is hectic, you can turn down the volume with noise-canceling headphones or decrease interruptions by turning off notifications on your computer or smartphone.

Set Up One-on-One Meetings

It may be difficult for you to stand out in a crowd or get your voice heard in a group meeting. Those with more extroverted natures tend to rule group settings because they are unafraid to interrupt.

However, you will shine in one-on-one meetings that give you a better chance to project your thoughts to a manager or supervisor. Your manager may be unaware of just what you can offer your team. By meeting on your own with him, you can show him that you also have great ideas and that you can add great value to the team.

Other benefits of one-on-one meetings for introverts include improved relationships with management and improved productivity thanks to personalized feedback on fresh ideas and daily work.

Go for Individual Projects

Along with individualized meetings, you can also thrive at work by focusing on individual projects whenever possible. Working in a group can be difficult if you struggle to make your ideas known. Ask your manager for projects that require only one worker.

Not only will you be able to focus more on the details of the task at hand and improve your confidence at work, but also you will be able to impress your manager and make a name for yourself without any discomfort.

Leverage Your Strengths

As mentioned above, introverts may not have bubbly personalities, but they have an incredible list of strengths that can help them survive and thrive on the job. They can be highly successful and productive under pressure.

When allowed to work on their own, they find it easy to concentrate on the task at hand and are always focused on deadlines and details. Although they may not be highly verbal, they have great listening skills. This helps them be perceived as empathetic people who are in touch with their feelings.


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