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8 Apps to Simplify Your Life


If you love your job, but find it hard to strike a reasonable mix between work and your personal life, you’re not alone. It’s one of the main battles that any business man or woman has to find the answer to; striking the perfect balance is hard to do. Some people make sure they’re home on a certain number of evenings per week, while others simply schedule time with family and friends to ensure their job doesn’t completely rule their life. Different people have different techniques, but at the end of the day, everyone could use some extra minutes in the day every now and again!

Enter: new technologies. Smartphones have put the world at our fingertips. We’re able to call the other side of the world in seconds, send photos, videos and audio in just a click and use the internet (almost) anywhere. Could these apps be the answer to our work/life balance woes, allowing us more time for what’s important in life? Here’s a list of our favorite time-saving apps:

The automation nation

If you’re looking for a way to automate all the little things in your life – you NEED to use IFTTT. It stands for ‘if this then that’, and it does what it says on the tin. IFTTT allows you to automate almost everything you do. You create recipes that trigger a certain sequence of events. For instance, there is an IFTTT recipe that sends a text to your other half when you leave your office (using your phone location settings). You can also automate posts on social media, emails that need to be sent or uploads that need to be made. Check out IFTTT here.

If this then that. Pretty amazing app @IFTTT . very useful in these busy times — TripCity * 31nation (@slimtmusic) May 21, 2016

Track your health

The Fitbit app is useful for people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. If you have a Fitbit wristband, you can connect it to the app and track your movement/general health this way. You can also use your iPhone to track your steps, so it’s a useful app even if you don’t have a Fitbit! Log your food, exercise and connect with your friends and family – it’s great for managing your daily health and well being.

and my @fitbit app is so cute and makes me feel so good about myself — daiquiri zachary (@zsadraks) February 23, 2015

Find your true zen

The Mindfulness App is a great way to start your journey to being mindful. If you want to decrease levels of anxiety, increase your concentration and get better night of sleep, you should download this! With a series of meditation sessions that last from 3 minutes to 30 minutes, you’ll find your zen in no time.

A Sunday moment of zen. — Barbie (@Barbie) May 22, 2016

Workout in less than the time it takes for you to drive to the gym

The 7 Minute Workout app is great for those wanting to stay fit and healthy, but who may not have the time to attend the gym every day or devote an hour to exercise. Each work out takes 7 minutes (yep, you guessed it!) and are easy to do in your own home. The 7 minute workout only consists 12 exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds breaks between each. All you need just a chair and a wall. Then you repeat 2-3 circuits, according to how fast you’re moving through. It’s an easy way to get in that exercise that will help keep you energized.

Congratulations! You earned the following achievement(s): ☆Worked out without ever pausing the workout. 7 Minute Workout Challenge App. — Erica Leibner (@EricaLeib) May 13, 2016


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