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5 Ways to Eliminate Boredom at Work


The pace of daily activity shows no signs of slowing down. We live and work in a new world full of disruptive innovation, split-second analysis and data overload.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to disconnect for a second from this whirlwind of activity to find true inspiration in our work. But finding meaning in work is more important than we realize.

Thirty percent of Millennials said finding “meaning” in their work matters more than salary, according to a recent study, and more than 70 percent of Millennials feel that meaningful work is one of the three most important factors in a career.

You can benefit from a similar approach. Taking action to be more inspired, and getting motivated to shake off being bored at work can help you refresh, recharge, and do your job better.

Here are few ways to unlock inspiration and find meaning in your work and personal life. (Click here to tweet this list of inspiration.)

1. Use your professional skills in a social context

If your current role as an accountant, banker, architect, or venture capitalist is not offering a wellspring of emotional inspiration, consider harnessing your experience and knowledge for the greater good.

Nonprofits, local schools and community centers are typically packed inspiring stories, but short on hard business skills. Taking a few hours a week or month to help them shore up their books, implement new initiatives or gather information for capital-raising truly helps these organizations grow their positive impact. It also allows you to refocus abilities to an inspirational medium.

Knowing you are putting your education and experience to work for a good cause will be a source of great pride and inspiration.

2. Take time to get to know your coworkers

You spend 30, 50, 80 hours per week crammed in an office with amazing people that you barely know more than simple pleasantries and calendar invites. Americans will spend a total of 10.3 years of their lives working. Why not make this time one of inspiration?

I am amazed whenever I take time to sit down and listen to the stories of those I pass in the hallway each and every day. Stories of hard work, perseverance and passion flow like a gushing river when we simply stop and ask.

Not only will you find inspiration in the daily lives of others but it will also make your work projects more productive and meaningful. Take the time to ask a coworker where they came from and where they may want to go. Inspiration will follow.

3. Get up and go for a walk

Believe it or not, human beings were not designed to sit at a desk and punch buttons for eight hours per day.

The Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida has done amazing research on the biorhythms that dictate our daily energy levels. The Institute suggests getting up and going for a short walk every 60 to 90 minutes. This momentary break from work will refresh your energy.

How many times have you had a breakthrough idea while waiting in line to pay for your lunch or grabbing a midday coffee? New scenery and new surroundings, even for a brief break, can unlock new ideas and inspiration.


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