20 Do’s and Dont’s For Your Company on LinkedIn

Author: Laurence Hebberd Source: The Undercover Recruiter

LinkedIn – you either do it, or you don’t. Everyone knows how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile – but do you know how to operate as a business on the site?

There are over 347 million users on LinkedIn, covering 200 countries and territories worldwide – and 40% of these check the site daily. That’s a wide audience that you may be missing out on. Additionally, is your CEO on social media? 22% of CEOs of the top 50 fortune companies are on LinkedIn, which is up from 6% in 2012, with 47% of B2B businesses using LinkedIn themselves.

If you’re not doing LinkedIn, or doing it right, you could be missing out some important business. This infographic by our friends at Salesforce will give you some do’s and don’t’s – if you have any other tips or advice, make sure to leave them in the comments or tweet them to us @UndercoverRec!


  1. DO: treat your profile like a professional brochure – with an appropriate image and up-to-date information.

  2. DON’T: never send spammy messages – avoid including sales pitches.

  3. DO: be active in groups, by posting relevant discussions and engage with other people’s posts.

  4. DON’T: try to steer clear of always self promoting – other users want to learn something, not just be sold to.

  5. DO: nurture relationships – by keeping up conversations and always engaging with your network.


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