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10 Easy Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Author: Sneh Ratna Choudhary Source: Career Metis

For every job profile that is posted, recruiters receive dozens, even hundreds of resumes.

The sheer number of applicants makes it impossible for them to spend a lot of time analyzing your resume. In fact, a study has discovered that, on average, hiring managers spend just about six seconds to screen your resume in the initial stage.

It is, therefore, obvious that only crisp, unique, and eloquent resumes make it through primary assessment.

f you often find yourself wondering why how you can stand out, take a second look at your resume to understand how you can increase your chances of fetching a job interview by refining your resume.

Here are 10 Ways Through which You Can Make Your Resume Stand Out Among the Rest

1) Create a Header

One of the best ways to make your resume stand out is by creating an eye-catching but concise header.

Strategically placed on the top of your resume, the header contains your personal as well as professional information. Not only does that help the recruiter understand what your professional goals are but it also lends your profile some visual appeal.

Here are some pointers you must keep in mind while creating a header for your resume:

  1. Use formal spacing and font size.

  2. Write the name of your designation, not the function.

  3. Provide only one contact number and one email address.

  4. Give your current address.

  5. Refrain from writing the word ‘resume’ or ‘curriculum vitae’.

Remember, first impressions are long-lasting. Since the header is the first thing a potential employer will notice in your resume, make sure it leaves an impact.

2) Modify Your Resume As Per The Job

When it comes to job searching, one size does not fit all. In other words, you must edit and modify your resume in accordance with the job you are applying for.

You do not have to be a resume wizard to do so. To tailor your resume, start by paying attention to the job profile, job description, and company profile. Then, highlight the keywords, skills, and experience and update relevant information in your resume.

The intention behind this is to make the resume recruiter-friendly and subtly highlight your expertise – without having to create a new resume every time. Modifying your resume also gives you a chance to proof-read and edit your resume, avoiding those pesky spelling or grammatical mistakes.

3) Add a QR Code to Your Resume

Surprised? Don’t be.

We all need that X factor to get noticed, right?

And a Quick Response (QR) code can serve the exact purpose by letting recruiters take a quick look at your work online. It is very easy to create a dynamic QR code, and using them in resumes is a new trend in the job market, helping candidates redirect recruiters to their online portfolios.

QR Codes also allow hiring managers to quickly view LinkedIn profiles or social media handles without having to type it in manually.

In fact, designers who work with 3D models can use Augmented Reality QR Codes to show their prospective employers their past creations.

You can use QR codes in your resume to share the following information with the recruiter:

  1. Your sample as well as published work – videos, articles, or pictures.

  2. Direct links to your blog, website or other online portals.

  3. Testimonials from previous colleagues or clients.

  4. Social media channels.

What’s more, the usage of QR codes in your resume earns you brownie points for being tech-savvy.


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