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10 Career Advancement Secrets


Everyone can use some career advancement advice.  How do you advance your career? How do you get promoted? How do you make it to the next level and impress your boss?

You do the little things that you don’t think matter. It’s what you do everyday, and not just some of the time, that makes you successful. Your goal is to become the go-to person in your organization

This isn’t a list of fluffy BS like “don’t gossip,” “come to work early,” “be a team player,” “always meet deadlines,” etc.

And that’s why I’m happy to share these 10 career advancement techniques that I’ve personally used to get the attention of senior-level executives. As a result I have been given opportunities that many other employees don’t get until they have been with a company for years.

Let’s jump right in…

Career Advancement Secret #1: Know Which Tasks Are Important (click to tweet) 

Solution: Communicate with your boss on priorities. Tell your boss, “”I am going to do A, B, and C in this order. Has anything come up that you would like me to start working on now, or is there something on the list that you would like me to do first?”

This is more effective then saying, “What would you like me to do today?” You did all the hard work. Now all your boss has to say is “yes” or “no.”

What you think is important and what your boss thinks is important are two different things. It will also help you avoid your boss asking for something on your to-do list that you haven’t completed yet.

Career Advancement Secret #2: Don’t Rush Through Projects, Tasks And Emails (click to tweet)

Solution: Proofread Every email that you send to clients and even your boss should be error-free.

Write presentations early so you can review them with fresh eyes. You will be shocked how many errors you catch. Be known for creating quality work and your boss will want you to work on the most important projects.

These sound very silly, but they are more important than you think. Your boss is responsible for all the work you produce and if your work is sloppy, you make your boss look sloppy.

Career Advancement Secret #3: Be Personable And Likable (click to tweet)

Solution: Be friendly and say “hello” to the people at work Smile when people pass by, say, “Hi, (name).” People love the sound of their own name. It’s amazing how many people don’t say a simple “hello” to their coworkers or even the CEO! Don’t have a Resting Crabby Face!

It’s simply rude and some people take offense to little things like this.

Being likeable will always get you the benefit of the doubt. If you make a mistake they will cut you a break because they like you. It also keeps you top of mind.

**Bonus tip: If you want to start more conversation at work, learn how to create networking opportunities at work.


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